How I Spent Holy Week Break

Most Filipinos are from a family where most are Catholics. One of the traditions that is being celebrated every year is the Holy Week. It is a very sacred time to recollect the last of Jesus' life. The time of taking reflections of the sacrifices Jesus has done to mankind. It is also the best time to examine our personal live, especially our deeds.

Holy week is celebrated in different ways. Some spend time with their families, travel internationally or locally, etc. How did you spend yours?

Like everyone else, I always look forward for the Holy Week to go home in the province and do everything different from the daily routine in the city. These are the things that I did during the Holy Week:

1. Sleeping

That day when we arrived in the province, my body was in hibernate mode. From an overnight travel I already slept like almost 10 hours.  Then when I got home, I slept again, after lunch and dinner I slept. You can call me now the sleeping beauty but I don't have beauty, just  sleeping woman. HAHAHAHA.

2. Spending Time With Family

We spent time together by dining and watching movies. My sisters and I went to the city, bought something as their graduation gift. Yeah, I knew, I'm such a very lovable and generous ate in the world, aw hahahah.

3. Spending Time With Cousins

When I'm home, I always have time to visit them to chikka, eat and play with the little ones.

4. Cooking My Favorite Dish

Ginisang Shrimps
Kinilaw Shrimps

5. Playing Volleyball With Friends

No gym, no yoga, no problem! Volleyball makes me sweaty and feel like losing kilos of fats. It is more than working out in the gym and having a lot of fun.
The court is very near our house so when 3pm is coming, that's the time I have to go outside and settle with friends to play together.

6. Going Church on Easter Sunday

My sister and mom didn't witnessed the most festive event, the 'Sugat'. It is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and done it in the dawn. Since we didn't wake up early, we just attended the 7am mass.

To wrap up everything, I got plenty of rest and was able to do some of my loved things. How about yours? How did you spend your holy week? Comment below because I really love to hear that.


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