Anda, Bohol

Summer 2018 is here, are you ready? Be ready, pack things and head to Anda, Bohol. It is one of the best beaches in the province of Bohol.  Its location is a bit far from the notable municipalities, it's about 2-3 hours away from Tagbilaran. The place is known for their tagline "magAnda," a tagalog word which means in English "BEAUTIFUL".

Together with my Adriann and his friends, we visited the place and stayed for 1 night at R&S Seaside Unit Accommodation Bar & Restaurant. We arrived safely Anda at night, I think 5:30 - 6: 00 pm. It was a long drive way from Tagbilaran City but before Anda, we had our Bohol land tour first in the morning. Tiring wasn't it?

Our accommodation is a 3-min walk to the Quinale Beach and accessible to public market and stores. They also have restaurant but it is in the separate building or let say to the other block. In front of their resto is Coco Loco, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I recommend you to try their shake, it is yummy!

Quinale Beach

The beach is the main attraction in Anda, especially the Quinale Beach. Just like well-known beaches, it has white fine sands and its shoreline is indeed a long one. When I am in a beach I really wanted to watch the sun rises and sets. While seeing  photos of the sunrise of Anda  in the internet I could say that it is very beautiful. I could have took a perfect shot but sad to say there's none, due to a bad weather.

One thing I don't like is that the beach has a stony part. When it's low tide, the water level is at your knee, you have to find a deeper part so that you can enjoy the sea. While finding your way, you should be careful because there's a lot of sea urchins lurking around. But when the tide is high, overall Anda is perfect for beach bummin'.

Sweeping about Anda, it isn't yet well-develop like others but it's progressing. Soon it will be like Boracay, a lot of tourists will visit, and I hope everyone will take good care of the place not just Anda but wherever you will be.

Here's some photos taken:

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