Camotes Islands Trip

2017 was a year full of travels with friends, family and the love of my life. This year, I got a chance to travel again. Due to hectic schedule I haven't prepared our itinerary. I did some research where to go and it led me to go to Camotes Islands, specifically the town of San Francisco . Actually, I have been there already, I think it was a year ago. It was just a one day travel and had an overnight camping at Santiago Bay.

This is my second time visiting the island and I still love how it is now.  The beach in Santiago is still open for public, glad that it wasn't acquired yet.  Unlike with some known islands, some struggling with a sewerage problem, some became crowded and polluted. 

Camotes is still a fresh, beautiful and amazing island. An island worth to visit.
So, here are the highlights of our trip in Camotes Islands.

1. Caving
  • Paraiso Cave
     Note: Entrace fee is 40.00 each.

  • Timubo Cave
     Note: Before the main spot it has entrance fee of, I think it was 10.00 each then 15.00 pesos for the cave.

2. Cliff Diving 
  • Buho Rock Resort
     Note: Entrace fee is 20.00 each. 

Hiyak jud taman dzae hahahha

Cliff diving was my favorite part of the whole trip. If you wanna conquer you fear of heights this place is right for you. I promise you will have a hard time deciding to jump or not, been there already :) Good luck!

3. Kayaking
  • Lake Danao

4. Resort Hopping
  • Mangodlong Rock Resort

That's all! Thank you for taking time reading/viewing this post :)
By the way, have you been to Camotes already? I'll be more than happy if you share/comment below your experiences.


  1. Camotes was my happy place! Hahah. Even went there 2 times in a year.
    Pero karon, hasulan nakog adtu (tungod sa kahasul sa port and stuff) and samokan na ko sa kadaghan tao. :/
    But still, can't deny that Camotes is really a beautiful island. :)

    1. Siguro daghan tao igka summer na :)

    2. Lagi. Pero sauna tu niadtu mi kai mingaw ra jd xa then summer tu. Lahi na jd rn kai gubot na kaau T_T


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