Life Lessons Up To Now

Some people disregard what's happening and thoroughly miss the whole trip. Some deliberately overlook it or attempt to. Some are so freaked out by it they go insane. However, there are still so many who acknowledge and make the most of their favorable luck. Life is just so wonderful.

Goodbye 22, hello 23! The fact that today is my birthday, allow me to share the things I have learned in life.

1. Be grateful.
Big or small things you have to be thankful for it. For the life you have right now, it might not be the same with others, still you've got a chance to live in this world.

2. Criticism is always there.
Wherever you go and whatever you do you will be criticized. Even if you are doing good, people will always attack you because of this.. that.. whatever. You have to stand and just believe yourself.

3. People are changing.
Even if you were the best of all the best friends on Earth for like 10 years or more than that, the way you approach each other will be changed.

4. Save money.
As you grow up, you have to really save up for good. Set aside for future plans.

5. Life is too short.
Enjoy every single moment of your life because there's no way to go back and do things over again. Do the things you love like travelling to many places. Laugh, sing, dance, etc. as you can. YOLO!

6. Never stop praying.

7. Never stop dreaming.
Failures are not the hindrance to stop following your dreams. You might think that it is hard to achieve, just take it slowly until the day you meet those things you are dreaming.

8. Be responsible.

9. Family is all that matters.
They are the one who understand you in the first place. If you feel sad, talk with them. If you feel happy, enjoy with them. They genuinely loved and cared for you. Do not forget to give back to your family. Parents will never change

10. Eat moderately and healthy.
Me, myself, is a rice eater and I don't stop eating until I get full. But eating like there's no tomorrow is like ,damn, killing yourself so early. I believe in a saying, "Eat healthy, stay Sexy!" HAHAHAHAHA (atek ra!)

11. Believe in love.
You already know what I mean! :)

My deepest gratitude to all who greeted and not (joke), I love you guys! I can't say anything, I'm just so happy right now.


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