How Travel Changed My Life

What sort of traveller would you say you are? A person who ventures due to a broken heart or just trinkets and happily making a new place has to offer? These days, travel is the most talked expression of the society and has completely changed the souls of everybody. 

I am a dreamer. A dreamer of so many things since the day my way of thinking is maturing. When I was in my primary years I wanted to become a nurse. During secondary years, I aimed to graduate and study in a precious university for my college. Tertiary, I wanted to graduate with honours and find a stable job so that I could give back help to my family. 

What am I today? I am currently working as a software developer, a travel and lifestyle blogger, and an explorer. To travel wasn't really in my passion before, not until I met new friends. They were the one who became my second family, food and travel buddies. That was during college days, our first best summer trip was happened at Coco Palms Resort, Danao, Cebu City. We had rough decisions before it actually happened on the exact place due to financial issues because we desired that all the members of the group should be in there. The place was great. They have water sport activities, pool, outdoor games like volleyball and basketball, and friendly staffs. Its location also is so accessible a one-to-two hour trip from the city depending on the traffic.

The next trip we had was in Lambug Beach, Badian, Cebu and it is located south part of Cebu. During that time, Lambug Beach was not so known. Unlike today, a lot of people from different places gone to the said beach. The challenge part of the trip was to search for the cheapest accommodation, which luckily I found one. I was the one who planned the trip and I don’t want to hear coming from them that the reason why they could not join is due to expensive budget. The room was only 1,500.00PHP and good for 10 persons already. I have nothing to say bad about the beach because it is a fabulous one.

Since I landed a job, I kept some of my salary for travelling. In fact, before, I can only afford going places in Cebu but now I can go anywhere. When in Boracay, among all the escapes, is one of my unforgettable I ever had. The powdery sand of the beach, relaxing sound of the water, wild people, and the different types of water activities are the things that you should be expected when you will be there. The great memories with Boracay will always be in my heart, and I would never afraid to share to everyone my experiences and how travel changed my life.

By travelling, it helped me improving myself better. I have learned about appreciating small things in life every single day. When it’s a long weekend, I just went to some of the common beaches in Cebu. Travelling is not just all about you have gone far places with luxurious accommodations. It could be as simple as taking different path home and someday you will realize that big things come from the small things you thought first. I can now manage time well by planning and exercising my conscious control over the amount spent on specific activities – just like an itinerary of your trip. Isn’t it amazing and fulfilling that you accomplished the said activities effectively without rushing and regrets in the mind? When it comes to itinerary, expenses and accommodation, I usually do plan ahead of time on it. 

I did find myself better. I have become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I actually like myself now. Whatever type of traveller you are and its reasons why you travel, always remember the most important thing is that you are happy of what you are doing. 

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