An Awful Travel With Trans-Asia Shipping Lines

Long weekend is over and it's time to go back in the city for work, school and other obligations. I was on a one-night ship ride to get from Ozamiz to Cebu City, the ship is named Trans-Asia and the trip was awful.

Usually, I spent my long-weekend vacations, like Holy week and Christmas, in my province and planned it ahead of time. I bought tickets, back n' fort, for transportation like one month or three weeks before the departure date because it will easily get sold-out. I bought tickets in Trans Asia because it was accessible on the dates that I wanted to depart and they do have 10% discounts if you have PAG-IBIG loyalty card. I have heard a lot of bad issues about Trans Asia's ship that is bound to Ozamiz to Cebu, vice versa. But I don't believe any of those, I just let it pass in my other ear because many of my past trips with them were okay.

April 17, 2017, an awful trip ever.  We departed from Ozamiz on time, exactly 8:00pm, and expected to arrive in Cebu by 6:00 am. Everything was fine, until around of 9 pm,  there was smoke seen. People were slightly panicking, my sister and I too. My sister shouted, "Ate ang life jacket!", she shouted like 5 times and I was like "Bi, ayaw lang ka panic" while putting my shoes on. Then the crew showed up and told us it was from the "tambutso sa barko" or exhaust from the ship. So then, the people were calm already until all of us fell asleep.

It was 5 o'clock, my phone alarmed and was preparing for the arrival. Suddenly, a lady shouted "Wa man diay ta ni larga sugod alas 11 sa gabii!!!" and I was like "WHAAAAAAAT???!!!!!!!".  I went to the information office to get some news, the place was surrounded by people with contrasting rants. Only one crew was visible, other crews were hiding, all the questions weren't answered clearly. Until 7 o'clock , not to be exact, they announced for our breakfast. Could you imagine how annoyed people are? That they couldn't give us the reasons why shits happened. Everyone was worried, others were informing the happenings, sleeping to the fact that the ship has stopped, and just waiting for nothing (tanga-tanga).

During the rescue (Sorry for the bad photo) 

I could see a ferry far from our location and got nearer to us, "Maybe this one is the rescue", I said. Until it stopped in front of us, we then packed our things and ran over on the ship's storage room. Really shit! The path has a very little space. If I was so fat and had a big stomach I will really not fit on it. (hahahaha) We all transferred to a ferry and then by 9-10am it left from the ship back to Ozamiz' port. When we arrived at the port, my father waited and took us then went to Cokaliong office to find available ticket for Cebu City. Sadly, everything was sold out, then my sister and I have decided to go to Dipolog. It was our first time in Dipolog, we rode a van and  thanks to Manong driver we arrived safely.

A guy, I forgot his name, a passenger from Trans-Asia, also rode the same van. He helped us with our bookings in Lite Shipping. He contacted his connections until we came up to the point that we got our reservation with Lite Shipping. Thanks to you Kuya!

The struggles continued when we arrived at Samboan port. I don't wanna share how frustrating it was. The damage has been done, many of us weren't able to fulfill one-day responsibilities. The best way to do is to move on. Yes, it was a very tiring day!


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