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Been into blogging since college but I didn't take it seriously. As a result of it, I created a lot of domain names in with an ending "" with non-sense posts. is an effective site for those people who are passionate in online journal. In today's generation there are a lot of sites that are easy and free to use, it's all up to you.

Some of my friends are really great when it comes to blogging skills. My appreciation to their sites; good taste of  web designs, informative contents and perfect domain names. They have also inspired me on how superb they are on constructing ideas.

The hardest thing in blogging is when you create or choose a domain name. A domain name that is unique and memorable. I came up with a free domain name "", I really don't know why I chose that hahahahaha

According to online world, here are some of the top-level extensions domains are .com, .org, .net, etc.. and you have to pay for it! Yes, having a registered domain is expensive but there are known registrars that offer cheap price just like Namecheap, 1&1, Dotster, GoDaddy, etc.. 

I tried checking at GoDaddy but I still find it costly. So, I asked some of my friends where to get low-cost domain name and  they did recommend CoffeeMags. The company offers 480.00PHP on its first year and 528.00PHP for renewal. Payment methods is thru paypal or bank transfer. For more information just visit there site at

CoffeeMags' prices

At first, registering a domain is tricky because I really do not know how it works. I just read some of tutorials found in the internet because  I think most of the registrars have the same processes. It might differ on how it looks but mostly likely it's just the same. I purchased a domain which is "", redirected my blogspot to it.

Here are the steps on buying a domain:

1. Visit
2. Click the Buy Domain  below or just visit
3. Enter your domain and choose.
4. Click add to cart.
5. Enter required informations and choose your payment method. (Via paypal, confirmation is just quick)
6. Credentials will be sent to your email, use that for logging in.
7. Wait until the status of your domain is active so that you can manage on it.
8. If active, redirect your registered domain to your current blog.

If you have problems while setting up just contact their support via e-mail.

Happy blogging!


  1. Huwaw! Congratulations on finally having your own domain!

    Libog jd bitaw magdecide ug name especially kai mao jd na imung ibuild up. As for me back then, nagdecide ko daun2. Haha. Then later on murag nakahunahuna ko my domain name doesn't make any sense (as well as my blog) XD So I'm trying to re-build my blog by deleting all my teenage drama posts and writing ones that actually make sense. Pero akong name domain name nonsense japun but mao namn ang na-index sa google so... hoho.

    1. Lagi, makamahay pero sige nlang oys. Sa content nlng na sa imong site daogon. Hihi

  2. Very informative indeed. Super liked your blog dear. pero sa ako galibog pako unsaon pagconnect thru it heheheeh ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Wala sd ko ka try sa wix ti cath :D pwde raman guro e ask sa coffeemags basin kibaw sila unsaon :)


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