10 Things I Miss About St. Michael's High School

During high school days, the main thing I had in my mind was to graduate and begin fresh in college. Today, I realize how much I really missed about being in secondary school particularly the school, where valuable minutes happened. Truly, I wish I could turn back time and have a great time. Thus, here are a portion of the things that I miss about St. Michael's High School:

1. The Uniform

For young ladies, we have 2 sorts of uniform the white short and long sleeves combined with checkered maroon dim red skirt, tie, white socks and dark shoes. Every Monday and on exceptional events we have to wear the Long Sleeve and I truly don't have any clues about what's the explanation behind it (haha). To be completely forthright, it's just so irritating wearing the long sleeve during Mondays. The fact that in that day additionally we are sweat-soaked subsequent to doing the banner post function and activities in front of the principal's and teacher's office, which is an exceptionally hot place (I don't know at this moment on the off chance that it is still the same).

Short sleeves will be worn from Tuesday until Friday.

2. CR Cleaning

Each year level composed of 3 sections, and each section has the schedule for 1 week to clean the common CR. It is located at the upper left corner when you are facing at the canteen. Ahhhh, I miss the smell and fun while cleaning (sarcastic mode).

3. The Morning Prayer

Each morning, we have this 20-30 mins morning supplication like perusing the good news of the day.

4. The Friday Bible Study

Perusing the gospel, perception and sharing.

5. Dalit Festival

Dalit Festival is a festival of the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel.

6. Cheerdance Competition

Michaelians are exceptionally occupied before the real occasion, get ready entertaining move steps, music and ensembles. I can remember during my third year, we had our practices in a place where nobody can see our move steps. I don't know why we turned out to be so focused, all we have in our psyche is to crush the fourth year, I think everybody, perhaps, thinks about that too in light of the fact that it is truly a major accomplishment, right?

7. JS Prom

Despite everything I can recollect those chaka days :D, I think 5 or 6 of us had similar outfits. The main contrast is the shading. You know how ungainly it was?!

8. The SMHS Clap

Only one applaud in each letter like S-M-H-S. Do it numerous as you need.

9. The Monthly Celebration and Monthly Exam

We generally have a festival consistently however the exams starts things out before the festival. For me, it was something to be thankful for on the grounds that you will be enlivened to concentrate hard. I generally place it as a main priority that after every one of these exams, a gathering is coming!

10. Alumni Homecoming

Consistently, St. Michael's High School is praising the Alumni Homecoming and generally it is held at the school, as the setting. It is commended in the month of December. Along these lines, call your cluster mates, join the festival and remember your extraordinary involvement with your Alma Mater!

St. Michael's High School is located at Centro, Tangub City, Misamis Occidental.


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