Have A Meal at Snack Yard

Are you a pork diner? A pork lover? Or just wanna have a go at anything delectable? Whatever it is, you should try to visit and eat their best pork recipe at Snack Yard. It is situated at the 2nd floor of JCentre Mall, Mandaue City, alongside Jollibee.

They have a ton of recipes, including burger, nachos, carbonara, and so on. We just attempted 2 pork main dishes, the Herbed Porkchop and Sour Cream Chops. We truly suggest the pork main dishes, they're an absolute must-to-eat if you'll get a chance eat there.

With regards to atmosphere, it's simply straightforward, spotless and sufficient for an Instagram post (hahahhaha). You can eat inside or outside the cafeteria. I simply don't prefer to eat inside due to the smoke while they're cooking.

Counter Area

Sour Cream Chops - Php 100.00
Herbed Porkchop - Php 90.00

Outside Area

Inside Area

Have fun!


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