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What Is Your Best Piece Of Advice About Life?

What is your best piece of advice about life? Everyone relates to this. Each of us has a lot of happenings in life. A person right now might be in a situation of struggling while other is just chilling.

If you are following on my social media accounts, I posted the question and I am glad and thankful that some of my friends are very supportive and answered it. What makes it more amazing is that they are not afraid of sharing of what they have learned and it's helping a lot of people especially in today's generation.

So, I listed few of those who answered my question and give some comments about it. Happy reading!

1. Do good of your life and do not let anyone ruin your dream(s). Push it and be happy!
 - @terinasan

Always do good in your life, I know there are different ways of defining doing good. But please if you think that it is good then keep it up.

2. Enjoy it... YOLO (You only live once) - @bestkaren17

Life is too short and should enjoy every single moment of it.

3. Do n…

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