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The NB Family Tries White Elephant Exchange Gift

On December 20, 2017, me and my friends had our Christmas party at The Pyramid, IT Park, Cebu City. It was a night full of food, nonsense talks and smiles on our faces. That  was indeed a wonderful one! Few of us came early at the venue and while waiting of the others, we also ordered the food. We ordered 3 orders of food set worth 1, 499.00 and 2 cripsy pata. 
To really feel the spirit of Christmas we all agreed that each of us must have 1 gift minimum of 100.00 for exchanging gifts. The usual for exhanging gifts is, the person must have a manito/manita to whom he or she will give the gift during the party. The other way around is by codename. Since the group doesn't have available time to meet before the said date of the party, one of us suggested the rule of exchanging, The White Elephant.
So what is white elephant rule all about?According to A White Elephant Gift Exchange is a popular Christmas event where people vie to walk away with the best prese…
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Life Lessons Up To Now

Some people disregard what's happening and thoroughly miss the whole trip. Some deliberately overlook it or attempt to. Some are so freaked out by it they go insane. However, there are still so many who acknowledge and make the most of their favorable luck. Life is just so wonderful.

Goodbye 22, hello 23! The fact that today is my birthday, allow me to share the things I have learned in life.

1. Be grateful.
Big or small things you have to be thankful for it. For the life you have right now, it might not be the same with others, still you've got a chance to live in this world.

2. Criticism is always there.
Wherever you go and whatever you do you will be criticized. Even if you are doing good, people will always attack you because of this.. that.. whatever. You have to stand and just believe yourself.

3. People are changing.
Even if you were the best of all the best friends on Earth for like 10 years or more than that, the way you approach each other will be changed.

4. Save money…

International Cake Baking at Caro and Marie

One of my bucket list has been checked already and that is to learn baking. Luckily, I got a chance to enroll at Caro and Marie for a one-day lesson of cake baking. During the class, the chef ask everybody who are first time in baking and I was like waiting for others to hands up. Thank God! I was not alone in the class. There's a guy who was a first timer
 also, so then I raised my hand up too.

A follow up question from the chef was, "Why did you choose baking?". I just said that it will be an additional skill for myself. For a change from being a software developer who is always on the computer.

My one-day baking session is worth 2,000.00 pesos and all about International Cakes. I was patiently waiting for that baking session and finally it was scheduled on Monday. Luckily, it was a holiday. Our chef was Mr. Ronald ... He guided us through out the whole session and gave some tips not only on baking but also on the costing part.

So we only baked 5 different flavor of ca…

The Memorable Beauty of Siargao

Siargao is known as the Philippines's surfing capital. It is situated in the eastern part of Northern Mindanao's Surigao Del Norte. Aside of being famous to surfing, there are so much more precious things about the island of Siargao that made it like no other. A place to treasure and a  must-see in the Philippines.

Siargao is utterly beautiful. The locals are very friendly. You can vibe with them everyday, all day long. Different kind of nationalities stayed long in the island for vacation. Some have left their lives and totally relocated in. There are a lot of inexpensive and luxurious accommodations, delectable food to eat and things to do. In addition to surf spots, there are Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko Beach and Natural Pool, and some neighboring islands that have white sand and luminous water. Siargao is just so amazing.

My friends and I spent only 4 days and 3 nights, and here are the memorable parts of the whole trip. Only in beautiful Siargao!

Sunset watching at Cloud 9

#Siargao Travel Video

Sharing to you our Siargao Trip - July 29 - August 1, 2017. Kindly watch in HD, enjoy! :)

How Travel Changed My Life

What sort of traveller would you say you are? A person who ventures due to a broken heart or just trinkets and happily making a new place has to offer? These days, travel is the most talked expression of the society and has completely changed the souls of everybody. 
I am a dreamer. A dreamer of so many things since the day my way of thinking is maturing. When I was in my primary years I wanted to become a nurse. During secondary years, I aimed to graduate and study in a precious university for my college. Tertiary, I wanted to graduate with honours and find a stable job so that I could give back help to my family. 
What am I today? I am currently working as a software developer, a travel and lifestyle blogger, and an explorer. To travel wasn't really in my passion before, not until I met new friends. They were the one who became my second family, food and travel buddies. That was during college days, our first best summer trip was happened at Coco Palms Resort, Danao, Cebu City.…

An Awful Travel With Trans-Asia Shipping Lines

Long weekend is over and it's time to go back in the city for work, school and other obligations. I was on a one-night ship ride to get from Ozamiz to Cebu City, the ship is named Trans-Asia and the trip was awful.
Usually, I spent my long-weekend vacations, like Holy week and Christmas, in my province and planned it ahead of time. I bought tickets, back n' fort, for transportation like one month or three weeks before the departure date because it will easily get sold-out. I bought tickets in Trans Asia because it was accessible on the dates that I wanted to depart and they do have 10% discounts if you have PAG-IBIG loyalty card. I have heard a lot of bad issues about Trans Asia's ship that is bound to Ozamiz to Cebu, vice versa. But I don't believe any of those, I just let it pass in my other ear because many of my past trips with them were okay.
April 17, 2017, an awful trip ever.  We departed from Ozamiz on time, exactly 8:00pm, and expected to arrive in Cebu by 6:…